Launchpad connects data and metrics, providing customer journey insights to optimise your media activity and deliver demonstrable ROI.

Designed to scale from single brands to global portfolios, Launchpad provides a complete picture of your omnichannel performance, helping you to make informed media decisions to positively impact your business.

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Instantly search through historic performance data with Launchpad VIEW

Ready when you need it. Set alerts and never miss a beat.


Launchpad INFORM connects you via push notifications with the critical events that define your campaign performance.

Stay fully up to date with your campaigns in real-time, track and measure performance changes in direct response to media changes and optimise campaigns to drive ROI.


Launchpad MANAGE allows insights mining, session trending and management for every campaign size.

Identify trends and gain anonymised insights into your target audience with geo-location and profiling.


Launchpad LEARN visualises user behaviour giving you tangible insight into how your target audience are interacting with your campaigns.

See and understand where your campaigns are performing best and where you can improve.

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Designed to meet the demands of the modern workplace the Launchpad dashboard is GDPR compliant, meets IAB and MCR reporting standards and works on desktop, tablet and mobile.