As the structure of pharma and healthcare companies has changed, we have seen their requirements from partners change. Strategy is outlined on an international level and then filters down for implementation locally within markets. In anticipation of these changes, we founded HEAL [International] Ltd in 2009 to deliver co-ordinated media expertise across countries and locally within markets.

This delivers international plans reinforced with specialist local knowledge and expertise. It also means that in individual markets, the local client will be able to converse in the local language and have a local point of contact to run the campaign. This avoids push-back against a central media agency with no local experience.

With digital media especially, allowing international coverage with local adaptation, it is essential to deliver a campaign that works on a multilevel. Multi-platform media and integrated communications are great buzz-phrases but unless the activity can be aligned they just don't work. HEAL [International] provides a single point of contact, and contract, for international media. We remove the need for separate agency pitches in each country and deliver a campaign that is integrated across media platforms as well as across markets. We also deliver centralised reporting and management so that regional teams are able to see precisely what they are achieving with their campaign, whether that be cost savings or results.

We are MMS360 for all of our UK activity but our cross-market campaigns are all provided under the HEAL [UK] banner. This allows consistency with our offices in other markets and defines our engagement remit. Healthcare professionals in the UK? That's MMS360. Healthcare professionals in Europe, US or Internationally? That's HEAL.


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